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Severe finger, hand and arm injury is the most common disabling injury in demining according to the Database of Demining Accidents (DDAS). To try to reduce risk and avoid injury as much as possible, the International Mine Action Standard covering protective equipment (IMAS 10.30) recommends that you use blast-resistant tools when uncovering items that may be dangerous. It is a combination of the length, strength and designed use of these tools that provides some protection.

Security Devices are proud to offer Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) designed to be

Eye and face protection

SD Standard full-face visor
SD Platinum full-face visor
SD Mask-visor

SD Half-visor Mk2
SD head-frame options

Handtools as PPE
Demining tool-sets
Blast-resistant tools
Bespoke tools and equipment

Magnetic tools
Other tools for demining

PPE ensembles

SD Kestrel Apron
SDV Apron
SD 450 Apron
SD Hawk Apron
SD Raptor apron
Bespoke PPE

Testing and R&D

Blast testing

Medical supplies

Vallon Detectors

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Using blast resistant tools safely

All tools can be used correctly or incorrectly. In demining, it can sometimes be disastrous when a tool is used incorrectly. By request, we are now offering advice on how to use each of our main Blast-resistant hand-tools. We are also including detailed instructions about how to use them to excavate a mine as safely as possible. This advice has been compiled by the keeper of the Database of Demining Accidents, who has also given design advice for the tools.

Click on this link to open a PDF file giving detailed instructions about investigating a metal-detector indication using the SD blast-resistant tools.


About the SD Oval profile probe...
How to use the SD Oval profile probe...


About the SD Pick-prod.....
How to use the SD Pick-prod.....


About the SD Long trowel...
How to use the SD Long trowel...


About the SD Two-handed excavator....
How to use the SD Two-handed excavator....


About the SD Demining brush...
How to use the SD Demining brush

Open PDF about all SD blast-resistant tools and print or save.

SD reserves the right to alter product design and specification in accordance with our ongoing Research and Development program.

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