SD demining shears

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Demining shears

demining shears

Several accidents have occurred while people cut undergrowth. The worst examples occur when the shear blades hit the tilt sensitive fuze of a bounding fragmentation mine concealed in the grass being cut.

As part of the SD manual demining tool-bag, shears were adapted to begin to meet the needs of demining rather than those of the gardener. They are comfortable to use with hands at a distance from the blades and do not separate or shatter in a small anti-personnel mine blast.

The SD shears have longer than usual handles in a fixed position and the blades are shorter than usual, so making it less likely that the user will cut beyond the area searched for tripwires. The angle of the handles is narrower than on conventional shears, so encouraging the user to hold the handles near the ends. The bend to the blades is also shallow, encouraging users to have their hands close to the ground.

shears on grassWith the exception of three nuts and one bolt, the SD shears are in four parts, two of which are the polyethylene handles. The blades are made of a high grade but still ductile steel that extends through the handles.

In tests, the shears were placed with the blades on top of a blast mine. The shears bent but did not separate and were readily repaired.

All SD tools can be adjusted to meet your requirements
but significant changes should always be blast tested
to ensure that safety has not been compromised.