Medical supplies for demining

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Medical kits

Security Devices Pvt is an agent for the supply of medical equipment produced by TMD in South Africa. A supplier to UN agencies and international NGOs, TMD's products have been operationally proven in numerous incidents in many countries and we are confident that you will find them appropriately designed for use in Humanitarian Mine Action.

Tactical Medical Developments (TMD) is committed to the development and supply of practical, high-quality medical products designed for use in an abnormal environment where high quality trauma care is needed on the spot. The products listed here have been developed to address the operational parameters specific to demining. The results are not only medically appropriate, they also include functional design, ease of use, and light-weight portability.

We offer the TMD Trauma Kit and Shock pack, both of which include the life saving CELOX granules that can stop arterial bleeding quickly. The latest version of these granules does not generate heat, so is more comfortable for the patient than earlier versions. We also offer the TMD Medic's waistcoat - lightweight and ventilated, but designed with multiple pockets that allow a huge number of essential items to be immediately to hand. It is virtually a medical bag that can be worn, so carried with the greatest comfort.


The Shock Pack is a compact lightweight survival pack that is specifically designed for the immediate treatment of major haemorrhage (bleeding).

picture of the shock pack contentsIn demining, it is intended to be carried by Team or Section leaders who have knowledge of basic first aid procedures and have been made familiar with the pack’s contents. The vital element of the pack is CELOX which is a revolutionary third generation haemeostat/clotting agent. This causes rapid clotting of blood when applied to open wounds and has proven effective at stopping arterial bleeds.

Order SD Part No.: SKU4050

The lightweight Shock Pack is supplied in a waterproof pouch that can be worn on a belt for immediate access. Dimensions: 250mm x 160mm x 170mm; Weight: 250g


1) CELOX 35g sachet x 1
2) Sterile Gloves (large) x 2
3) Gauze Swabs 75 mm x 75 mm x 10 (2 packets of 5 each)
4) Rescue Sheet/space blanket (2 x 1m) x 1
5) Trauma Bandages x 3 (150 mm x 200 mm absorbent pad on 4m bandage)


TMD Trauma Kit

Injuries arising in a demining environment are often severe and life-threatening. The patient's ultimate survival depends on resuscitation and stabilization of victims at the scene of the incident, followed by rapid transport to a surgical facility for definitive treatment.

Picture of TMD Trauma pack closed and open.

The TMD Trauma kit has been designed specifically for use in the pre-hospital resuscitation phase of major trauma that typically occur in a demining environment - these include injuries caused by explosive devices and vehicle accidents. The kit contains 50 carefully selected items required to assess, treat and stabilize the victim(s) at the scene of the incident, thereby optimising the chances of both survival and good recovery.

The Trauma Kit contains sufficient equipment to simultaneously treat two severely injured patients or three to four moderately injured patients.

Order SD Part No.: SKU4051


    • Compact, modular design.
    • Extremely user-friendly.
    • Light-weight and portable.
    • Supplied in a waterproof back-pack.
    • Ideal for use in remote locations.
    • Easily stored in any vehicle.

Weight fully packed = 14 kg
Dimensions of bag = 61 × 35 × 25 cm.
Material = waterproof texturised Nylon 1000 D material.

Supplied in a convenient bag that has an Emergency Stretcher with hand loops (not poles) and Intravenous Stand located in the zip-up pouch on the outside of the lid. There are also three interlocking splints conveniently located in the sides of the bag. Inside are three separate bags, conveniently separating equipment by function.

Module C: Cardiovascular equipment

1) Torch (head lamp) with batteries × 1
2) Sterile gloves × 5 pairs
3) Scissors × 1
4) Artery forceps × 2
5) Disposable scalpel with blade × 1
6) Tissue forceps × 1
7) Ball-point pen × 1
8) Writing pad × 1
9) Blood pressure apparatus × 1
10) Stethoscope × 1
11) Ringers Lactate × 3 litres
12) Intravenous administration sets × 3
13) Alcohol swabs × 50
14) Intravenous cannulae 14g × 2
15) Intravenous cannulae 16g × 2
16) Intravenous cannulae 18g × 2
17) Antiseptic ointment × 1 tube
18) Syringes 5 ml × 2; needles 21g × 4
19) Elastoplast (waterproof) 25 mm × 1
20) Disposal container (sharps) x 1

Module B : Bandages and dressings

1) Vaseline gauze × 6 strips
2) Expandable neck collar × 1
3) Trauma bandages (150 mm × 200 mm × 4 m) × 4
4) Trauma bandages (200 mm × 300 mm × 6,50 m) × 4
5) Conforming bandages (100 mm × 4,5 m) × 4
6) Conforming bandages (150 mm × 4,5 m) × 4
7) Sterile dressing pads (100 mm × 100 mm) × 10
8) Gauze swabs (75 mm × 75 mm) × 100
9) Triangular bandages with safety pins × 4
10) Eye pads × 2
11) Thermal blankets (rescue sheets) × 2
11) Porous adhesive bandages 50 mm × 2 rolls
12) Burn gel dressing (20 cm x 20 cm) x1
13) Aluminium splints x 2
14) CELOX granules 35g x 1

Module A: Airway management equipment and accessories

1) Laryngoscope handle with batteries
2) Spare batteries × 2
3) Laryngoscope blades S/M/L × 1 each
4) Spare Laryngoscope globes × 3
5) Magills forceps (adult) × 1
6) Magills forceps (paediatric) × 1
7) Endotracheal tubes × 4
8) Oral airways size 1/2/3/4 × 1 each
9) Resuscitator bag (Ambu-type) × 1
10) RES-Q-VAC manual airway suction apparatus
11) Bladder catheter × 1
12) Urine bag × 1
13) Nasogastric tube × 1
14) Sterile lubricant sachets × 2
15) Intercostal drainage set × 1 (IC catheter, Heimlich valve,
disposable Scalpel, alcohol swabs × 10)

TMD Medic's waistcoat

The TMD Medic's waistcoat is light-weight and well ventilated, but designed with multiple pockets that allow a huge number of essential items to be immediately to hand. It is virtually a medical bag that can be worn, allowing the medic to respond rapidly with the greatest comfort.

Front and back of the TMD medic's waistcoat

Order SD Part No.: SKU4052

There are many deep and generous pockets front and rear, fixed securely to a ventilated waistcoat of tough nylon to prevent overheating. The waistcoat has a sturdy zip fastening at the front.