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Since 1997 Security Devices has been THE specialist manufacturer of

Personal Protective Equipment for use in Humanitarian Demining

Visors, armour, handtools and more... all meeting (or exceeding) the requirements of IMAS 10.30.

The new Hornet armour

The photograph above shows some of our visors and the size range for our "Hornet" frontal armour,
designed for every deminer, large or small, male of female.

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We have been successfully manufacturing demining Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for seventeen years. Our customers include governments, United Nations projects, Military and Special Forces, international demining NGOs, commercial demining companies, and research institutions. We also provide two leading European equipment suppliers with armour and visors badged with their names. When possible, we will try to make what you need - we have even made dummy mines for a GICHD test when asked.

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Blast-resistant tools; Demining body-armour; Blast visors; PDF Downloads

Security Devices Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is designed to meet all the requirements of
IMAS 10.30

Eye and face protection

SD Standard full-face visor
SD Platinum full-face visor
SD Mask-visor

SD Half-visor Mk2
SD head-frame options

Handtools as PPE

Using blast resistant tools
Demining tool-sets
Blast-resistant tools
SD Heavy-rake
Bespoke tools and equipment

Magnetic tools
Other tools for demining

PPE ensembles

APRONS (frontal)
SD Hornet Apron
SD Kestrel Apron
SD Kestrel Mk2 Apron
SDV Apron
SD 450 Apron
SD Hawk Apron
SD Raptor Apron
Bespoke PPE

Testing and R&D

Blast testing
blast testing

Medical supplies

Vallon Detectors

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pictures of Security Devices products in use around the world

Anywhere that you see demining, you are likely to see Security Devices products


Our high quality, value-for-money products can be seen in use all around the world today. The pictures alongside show a few places where our products are used.

With ongoing research and development and constant customer contact, we introduce additional products and services as required.

Most of our equipment is designed in house, although some has been designed by outsiders such as MIT. We are happy to design on an ad-hoc basis to meet specific customer requirements.

All PPE offered for sale has been user- and blast-tested and has proven itself in the field. Our testing regime and blast-testing record is unique.

For our Blast-resistant hand-tools, we now offer advice on how to use them, including detailed instructions about excavating a mine as safely as possible. See Using our tools safely.

SD reserves the right to alter product design and specification in accordance with our ongoing Research and Development program.


Contact: Trevor Thomsen or
Oddia Mabika at

Tel: +263 242 486405 / 486317 / 487064


Many manufacturers design for demining as an afterthought. At Security Devices, we have specialised in designing for Humanitarian Demining from the start.

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to hearing from you

Some of our products have been copied by unscrupulous competitors without concern for safety or quality. Look out for the Security Devices labels to be sure that you do not have a bad copy.

Henceforth, to protect both ourselves and our customers, Security Devices (Pvt) Ltd will take action against any Copyright infringement or imitation of any SD product and/or design.

Security Devices Pvt reserves the right to change any design without notice.

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pictures of Security Devices products in use around the world

Anywhere that you
see demining, you
are likely to see Security Devices