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The design of this demining hand tool is based on the rules required to ensure that a tool does not separate or fragment in an anti-personnel mine blast. Many hundreds are in use in Humanitarian Demining around the world.

demining brush
Quote the SD Order No. SKU3018.

The paint-brushes commonly seen in demining tool sets are used to brush away the final soil sticking to the side of a mine or suspicious object. Those paint brushes are not designed for the purpose, are far too short for safety, and the bristles are usually too soft to do the job well.

Our demining brush is low-cost, more effective and a safer alternative to a paint-brush. It is made using a 40cm section of malleable stainless steel pipe with bristles set into it at both ends. A simple reversible tool, one end has stiff “yard-broom” bristles and the other softer hand-brush bristles. The brush is light and easy to use from a far greater distance than its conventional alternatives.

four brushes on grass

brush after blast
In tests, the bristles of the brush were placed on top of a PMD 6 mine (200g TNT plus demolition charge). The bristles were burnt off in the blast but the stainless steel handle remained in one piece.

Open PDF data-sheet about using the SD demining brush.

Open PDF data-sheet on blast-resistant tools and print or save.

Open PDF data-sheet about safely investigating a metal detector indication using the SD blast resistant tools.

All SD tools can be adjusted to meet your requirements
but significant changes should always be blast tested
to ensure that safety has not been compromised.