Demining folding excavator (one-handed)

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Excator extended

Folding Excavator

The “demining excavator ” is an excavation tool designed to assist when digging in hard ground. The user's entire forearm supports the tool, relieving strain on the wrist.

Starting well back from the centre of the detector reading (at least 20cm) the user digs a downward slope towards the reading with the excavator, then uses the front age of its blade to scrape forward and expose the side of the detector signal.

excvator during a testThe picture on the right shows an Excavator exposing a VS50 that is on its side – with the pressure plate facing the tool. This was a “set-up” for a blast test. The tool is used with a forward thrust, followed by a sideways sweep to remove the loosened spoil.

The orientation of the tool’s cutting face and non-shatter polyethylene, “punch-grip” handle is designed so that it is easiest to use with the hand close to the ground. A washable ballistic aramid blast-guard attaches in front of the user’s hand. The tool’s cutting blade is bent so that the sideways scooping motion removes more spoil, and to give the blade greater strength. The cutting blade is made using a malleable Stainless Steel that is sharpened on the leading and lower edge. The leading edge incorporates a sloped “spike” to improve its performance on very hard ground.

Excavator folded for transitThe Excavator folds in half for easy transportation and weighs 0.9kg (2lb). It’s folding construction uses nylock nuts and bolts that are behind the hand-guard and well away from any blast point.

All metal parts are hard-chromed to prevent rust. Hard-chrome binds with the metal surface well but is dull.
The tool has performed well when placed alongside mines in tests.  

Contact us for more details if you are interested (SDU3020).

All SD tools can be adjusted to meet your requirements
but significant changes should always be blast tested
to ensure that safety has not been compromised.