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Vallon metal-detectors

Manual demining usually relies on the use of a metal-detector, and there are many good metal-detecors available today...

R2M2 anti-personnel mineAt Security Devices, we were impressed by Vallon detectors when they were used during the EU sponsored clearance of the border minefield between Zimbabwe and Mozambique. They proved very capable when searching for the very difficult to detect R2M2 anti-personnel mine shown alongside.

Some Vallon detectorsAs a result, Security Devices is happy to recommend that demining groups check out what Vallon has to offer - including the innovative folding VMC1 design shown alongside.

Vallon make a full range of detection equipment for Humanitarian Demining - ranging from deep level ordnance detectors to mine detectors and the controversial dual sensors.

Contact them on: Vallon GmbH

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