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We offer the "SD Standard" or the "SD Comfort®" head-frames.

SD Standard head-frame [SKU1014]

Our Standard head-frame design was introduced in 1998 and was immediately popular. It has been shamelessly copied by other manufacturers. Whilst copying is the most sincere form of flattery - the copies are not concerned to replicate our quality and it is unfortunate that all of them are "rather poor".

Both SD head-frames are fabricated from ballistic polyamide for durability. The fixings are made from heat-formed polycarbonate, which provides durability and flexibility. The visor face bolts to the fixings to prevent the visor being raised carelessly at the wrong times.

head-frames flatInside the head-frame is a removable washable sweatband to add to the wearer’s comfort. On hot days, try dipping it in cold water during each rest period! The strap is fastened with velcro and so is readily adjustable, allowing the visor to be shared within a demining set when that is wanted.

The standard head-frame has a single strap around the back of the head. The comfort version has two velcro fastening straps.



SD Comfort® head-frame [SKU1015]

Because there is no single head-shape, our alternative head-frame adds to comfort and stability with two straps across the back of the head. The lower strap ensures greater comfort and stability. Its position has been adjusted in 2015 to avoid contact with the wearer's ears.


Our new Mask-visor and Platinum full-face visor have been designed to allow a further adjustment. When the pressure on the wearer's head is uncomfortable, the attachments from the head-frame to the visor can be moved to the outside of the visor face, so allowing for wider heads.

The adjustment add 2cm to the diameter of the head, greatly increasing the "hat-size".

adjusting the headframe



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