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SD Mask-visor

mask visor looking down
Our designers began work on a vented mask-visor more than ten years ago. The early design was never put into general production, but included features that have been carried on into the current Mask-visor which has been developed to reduce weight, increase comfort and enhance safety. Changes to the International Standards on PPE in 2009 allow it to be used instead of a Full-face visor for all demining activities.

Other demining masks restrict the wearer's vision and communication. The SD Visor-mask avoids these failings and is made using the same materials and methods as our proven full-face visors.

the mask visor

Having first made mask visors in 1996, SD have now adopted Andy Smith’s “Mask-visor” design, first publicised by him in 2008. We are grateful for his no-strings “technology transfer” which has included helping us to make design refinements and establish a production line. We regret that Andy is always professionally unable to retain a commercial interest in his designs. The Mask-visor design is now the property of SD and has been duly registered®.

We have introduced the Mask-visor to try to serve the community better and help reduce the temptation to raise the visor. To this end, SD now offer the "Mask-visor” and the “Platinum full-face visor” (SKU1011), both of which are light and allow good air circulation. To make the visor more comfortable to wear for long periods, we have also introduced the refined “Comfort head-frame®”.

The SD Mask-visor® is made using 5mm untreated polycarbonate. It has two “mandibles” with spaces between that allow air to the wearer’s nose and mouth without leaving gaps for blast from below to enter. It is supplied with a coloured sunshield. This reduces reflections on the inside of the visor and also reduces the
risk of scratching if the visor is put down carelessly. The nylock® nuts used to fasten the visor to the head-frame should be tightened so that the visor cannot be raised during use.

Your organisation’s logo (one colour) can be printed onto the mask-visor at no extra cost.

The complete SD Mask-visor with double-strap headframe and sun shield weighs around 800g.

A simple chin-strap can be included if required, but is not recommended for safety reasons.

Click here to go to the Blast Test reports on the SD Mask-visor.

Because visors must be worn in the sun, and will be scratched no matter how careful you are, SD recommends that you follow the IMAS guidelines and replace visors annually - a recommendation also made by UNMAS (see Section 11 in this link to an UNMAS TNMA).

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