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SD Half-visors

half visor seen from sideOur half-visors have been popular with dog-handlers and supervisors who need to be able to give clear speech commands. They may also be appropriate when engaged in other tasks (such as raking) depending on the risk assessment. As long as they are worn tilted close to the face, they meet the current IMAS 10.30 requirement for minimum protection.

Longer versions of the SD half-visor have been marketed for more than 10 years but we have now updated the design, making is shorter and lighter. When ordering [SKU1018], be sure to mention it if you want the older, heavier version. As with all our demining visors, our Half-visors are made by heat-forming 5mm untreated polycarbonate in our special ovens.

Each visor is numbered for identification and replacement purposes.

The revised half-visor has a Comfort head-frame® that is made from polyamide for durability. The fixings are made from heat-formed polycarbonate, which provides durability and flexibility. The visor face bolts to the fixings to prevent the visor being raised carelessly at the wrong times. The fixings can be attached inside or outside the visor-face, allowing for wearers with wide heads.

An optional Scratch-shield [SKU1019] is available. This is a thin sheet of polycarbonate that mounts securely over the half-visor to protect it from scratches during use, storage and transport. It has also been shown to add to the overall ballistic performance of the visor, although we make no claims for this in our specifications. The Scratch-shield should be replaced whenever it becomes scratched - which is a simple and low-cost way of ensuring that your deminers can always see clearly.

The complete Half visor and head-frame weighs around 600g).

Polycarbonate degrades in sunlight so we recommend that visors should be replaced each year - a recommendation also made by UNMAS (see Section 11 in this link to an UNMAS TNMA).

SD order number: SKU1018 - Half-visor.