Standard full-face visor and scratch guard

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SD Standard visor

the standard full-face visor
The SD full-face blast visor [SKU1010] has been marketed for 14 years with more than 30,000 sold to clients from South America to Asia, and Northern Europe to South Africa. If you work in demining, you have almost certainly seen it in use. It is made by heat-forming 5mm untreated polycarbonate in special ovens.

Each visor is numbered for identification and replacement purposes.

The Standard full-face blast visor has a standard head-frame that is made from ballistic polyamide for durability. The fixings are made from heat-formed polycarbonate, which provides durability and flexibility. The visor face bolts to the fixings to prevent the visor being raised carelessly at the wrong times.

visor being worn in the fieldAn optional Scratch-guard [SKU1016] is available. This is a thin sheet of polycarbonate that mounts securely over the visor to protect it from scratches during use, storage and transport. It has also been shown to add to the overall ballistic performance of the visor, although we make no claims for this in our specifications. The Scratch-guard should be replaced whenever it becomes scratched - which is a simple and low-cost way of ensuring that your deminers can always see clearly.

The complete Standard full-face visor and head-frame weighs around 1kg (2.2 lbs).


Visor with chin-strapA simple chin-strap can be included if required, but is not recommended for safety reasons.

Polycarbonate degrades in sunlight so we recommend that visors should be replaced each year - a recommendation also made by UNMAS (see Section 11 in this link to an UNMAS TNMA).

Order number: SKU1010

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banner showing visors in the factory

SD Visors are supplied to major PPE retailers in Europe.