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SD Raptor apron with a NATO STANAG 2920 V50 of 450m/s
(with polyamide insert)

The SD Raptor demining body-armour is a refinement of our popular (and still widely used) MK 1 and SADEC Aprons. This simple apron extends protection over the deminer’s frontal thighs while being easy to walk and kneel in. It is designed to make it easy to keep the apron between the deminer and the mine even if the deminer squats and twists to work from the side. When kneeling to excavate, the apron can be made to extend to the ground and provide full frontal coverage.

the Raptor armour being worn

Unusually, this apron has two collars, one inside the visor and one outside. This ensures an interface between visor and apron even if the deminer is lying down - and while lying down is rare, it is sometimes appropriate. Shoulder pieces allow full arm movement while protecting the vulnerable underarm areas.

With a multi-layer polyamide inner, it weighs 3.9kg complete with a polyamide chest insert that brings vital area protection above the IMAS requirement of STANAG 2920 450 m/s.

The armour cover is made using Cordura® textured nylon which is washable, exceptionally long-lasting and resistant to abrasions, tears and scuffs, so makes an excellent outer to the high-performance core of the armour. Colours may vary between dye lots.

The Raptor's open back and minimal straps make it comfortable and relatively cool. It is adjusted to fit using simple webbing straps and clips.

It is stated in the conclusions of independent SADEC tests conducted in 2001 that “The [SD] MK1 Apron was shown to be capable of withstanding the blast of a detonating PMD-6 wooden anti personnel blast mine and a PMN blast mine with an ADDITIONAL 200g charge at 30 cm." That is a total of over 600g TNT at 30cm, which does not surprise us, but often surprises our customers.

NOTE: Like most other PPE, SD armours are designed to be water-resistant. Users should avoid getting the core of any armour wet because this can reduce the protection it offers. If the core of armour gets wet, allow the garment to dry naturally before use. Do not tumble-dry or expose to heaters.

Open PDF data-sheet and print or save.

See Aprons for an explanation of why frontal apron protection has become the norm in Humanitarian Demining.