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Security Devices Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is designed to meet all the requirements of
IMAS 10.30

Eye and face protection
SD Standard full-face visor
SD Platinum full-face visor
SD Mask-visor

SD Half-visor Mk2
SD head-frame options

Handtools as PPE
Demining tool-sets
Blast-resistant tools
Bespoke tools and equipment

Magnetic tools
Other tools for demining

PPE ensembles

APRONS (frontal)
SD Hornet Apron
SD Kestrel Apron
SD Kestrel Mk2 Apron
SDV Apron
SD 450 Apron
SD Hawk Apron
SD Raptor Apron
Bespoke PPE

Testing and R&D

Blast testing

Medical supplies

Vallon Detectors

Contact us

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Throughout this website, there are many links to PDF file downloads that you may want to save or print. For convenient access, frequently requested files are listed below.

The SD product catalogue

SD SKU Order numbers

SD Certificate of IMAS complaince


SD Platinum visor data sheet

SD Standard full-face visor data sheet

SD Mask-visor data sheet

SD Half-visor data sheet

SD Head-frame data sheet

SD Scratch-guard data sheet

Demining tools

Investigating a metal-detector reading using SD blast resistant tools

SD Blast resistant tools data sheet

SD Demining tools data sheet

Using the SD Two-handed excavator

Using the SD Long trowel

Using the SD Oval profile probe

Using the SD Heavy-rake

Using the SD Pick-prod

Using the SD demining brush

Using SD blast-resistant tools

Demining body armour

SD Hornet armour data sheet

SD Kestrel Mk2 armour data sheet

SD Kestrel armour data sheet

SD Sizing information

SD Hawk armour data sheet

SD Raptor armour data sheet

SD 450 armour data sheet

SDV armour data sheet


User and blast tests of hand-tools

User and blast tests of PPE

Mask-visor TNT test 2010

Mask-visor blast testing (PE)

Mask-visor TNT test video (WMV file)

Extract SADEC blast testing armour and visors 2001

The Security Devices team