Complete demining tool sets

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Demining tool-sets

Deminers need a wide range of tools, and only those used when exposing a mine need to be blast-resistant. For the convenience of our customers, SD can offer a complete tool set, including the blast resistant tools that are also sold separately.

Customers dictate the contents of the tool sets we supply.

tool roll with some tools

Our "Starter" tool-set contains an Oval profile probe, a pick-prod, a long trowel, brush, shears, and mine-markers. A tripwire feeler, maintenance tools, a hand-saw, pulling set, hammer and tape measure are frequently required optional extras. You can order other tools, or leave tools out, as required. See Other demining tools for suggestions of what you might need.

Except for long tools (such as rakes and loppers, we can supply a hardwearing tool-bag to complete the set. The tool-bag will vary according to content, so let us know what you need and we will try to find it.


other demining tools