Blast-resistant demining tools

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Blast-resistant tools

Our blast-resistant demining tools are designed to be used when excavating a mine. They are easy to use at a low-angle to the ground with the user's hands as far as possible from the seat of any detonation. They are manufactured using hard-wearing materials that resist shattering and are constructed in a way that resists separation into separate parts.

While our blast-resistant tools have been tested and performed as designed, each blast is different and we cannot guarantee that this will always be so.

SD's current range of blast-resistant tools include those shown below. Click on the links for more detail:

Blast resistant hand tools
an Oval profile probe...



a Pick-prod.....





a Long trowel...




the Two-handed excavator....



the double-headed demining brush...

heavy rakes

And the popular
Stainless steel "Heavy rakes"....

tool roll with toolsThe smaller blast-resistant tools can be supplied in a tool-roll when purchased together.

Open PDF on blast-resistant tools and print or save.

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Other tools can be made to meet your requirements. Click here to see some blast-resistant tools we have made for customers in the past.