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Security Devices Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is designed to meet all the requirements of
IMAS 10.30

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PPE ensembles

APRONS (frontal)
SD Hornet Apron
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SD 450 Apron
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Bespoke PPE

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PPE to meet YOUR requirements

Apart from our range of bespoke tools, Security Devices have always been willing to make PPE that suits the customers' needs. Whether the customer is a large man needing a tailored flak jacket for his EOD ensemble, or a Mine detection dog handler who wants an apron to be longer than the normal design, we are proud to be able to help. See One Size fits all...? for information about sizes.

A few of our bespoke orders have had wider application and we try to offer these products on an ad hoc basis.

long armour for a dog handler

Long apron - extending width or length of some designs is possible. It may be achieved seamlessly (as shown in the photograph) or may involve the addition of panels that are secure against blast separation.


genital protectors

Genital protectors are a part of some of our armour designs. When not, a polycarbonate "box" that is worn outside the trousers and attaches to the wearers belt front and rear can be used. This item is designed for wearing while walking. It is not flexible and so does restrict some movements when working in a kneeling position.

shinpadsknee/shin-pads either made of thick rubber that provide comfort when kneeling and some protection against the environmental fragmentation associated with an anti-personnel mine blast - or made using kevlar/aramids for higher protection. The pads attach using velcro straps and, for short people, the rubber pads can be trimmed to length using a sharp knife.



All SD PPE can be adjusted to meet your requirements
but we recommend that significant changes should always be
blast tested to ensure that safety has not been compromised.