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Security Devices was the first manufacturer to specialise in the manufacture of frontal demining aprons designed to protect the wearer during the highest risk times in demining. Many PPE manufacturers have followed the trend and there are now dozens of apron designs available.

Why aprons?

By far the most common activity when an accident occurs is exposing an anti-personnel blast mine. This fact was first identified using the Database of Demining Accidents and later incorporated into the IMAS requirement for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). The deminer is always facing the threat, and usually crouching or kneeling.

sketch of high risk areas

The drawing above shows the high risk areas associated with the detonation of an anti-personnel blast mine. The darker red represents the concentrated cone of environmental and casing fragments that are expelled. The lighter red area has lower fragments but the same blast forces from the expanding gas producing by the high-explosive detonating. Of course, not all mines are lying perfectly horizontal when they explode, and the dark red cone could be pointing more directly towards the deminer.

Our varied demining apron designs are simple, field proven and durable, so offering excellent value for money. Within safety constraints, we are also always willing to tailor new designs to your own specifications.

See One Size fits all...? for information about sizes.

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